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. right now on "fox news sunday." missile strikes. the u.s. and britain fire more than 100 cruise missiles as coalition forces act to protect the libyan rebels from muammar qaddafi. we'll have an update on talk with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, admiral mike mullen live on "fox news sunday." then two leading senators weigh in on the mix, lindsey graham and jack reed. japan works t work contain a nr disaster. we will get the latest from japan and talk with the secretary of energy steven chu. plus, we ask our sunday panel if the president is taking the lead on these issues or following. all right now on "fox news sunday." hello again from fox news in washington where we are tracking two major stories. we have a reporter in libya where the u.s. and its allies are using military force to protect the antiqaddafi rebels. and in japan, where officials are making progress toward bringing a nuclear plant under control. we'll have more on that later and talk with the secretary of energy. first, libya, u.s. stealth bombers struck a major libyan airfield. and qaddafi called the raids terr
... at a carry-out. it happened about 9 o-clock last night... inside "u-s fried chicken" along pennsylvania person was shot in the lee and another in the throat.homicide investigators were called to the scene a car crash leaves ne person dead thhs happened arrund 2 o clock on honeygo boulevaad and ebenezer road in perry car crashed into a light pole with the passenger being thrown from it. that person was pronounced dead at the scene.the dirver is listed in serious conditon at the hospital. the baltimore solicitor says the mayor did not violate ethics laws by voting on contraats involving johns hopkins university.baltimore's ethics code says public officials should not vote on conttacts if relatives have a financial interest.stephanie rawliigs blake's husband works for a group within the johns hopkins health system since december.sse voted on 22 contracts involving the university... not johns &phopkins health system. anne arundel county executive john leopolddis &pserved with a subpoena... for a probe into whether he mis- used his state-funded security detail
in the middle east. from syria, to libya and beyond. what should be the role of the u.s. military? we'll get an update from the region and talk with two of the senate's most influential voices on foreign policy. john mccain and joe lieberman. and healthcare reform one year later. we'll ask our sunday group what is the long-term prognosis for the president's signature legislation? all right now on "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. before we talk with our guests, we want to bring you the latest on events in the middle east. in syria, government soldiers have been deployed around the cities that have seen the biggest protests. in yemen, talks for a peaceful transfer of power failed saturday. now authorities worry about al-qaeda gaining strength in that country. and in libya, bombing by u.s. and allied planes has paved the way for rebel forces to retake the key oil town of brega. for more on libya, let's bring in fox news correspondent steve harrigan in tripoli. steve? >> reporter: chris, a rapid advance by the rebels, they are moving west quickly toward what they s
brought rescue dogssto help in the search for survivors. the u-s ilitary is sending helicopters to the devastated area with food, water and medical suppliees energy experts are working around the clock to avert anotter potential disaster in japan.explosions badly damaged nuclear reactors, releaaing a small amount of radiation into the air. theejapanese government ordered an evacuatiin of the area as a precaution.they say the amount of radiationnreleased does not pose any serious threat, but were tested for exposure. and back here at home, energy pfficials says two nuclear reactors in southern maryland would be safe if an earthquake wwre ever to hit maryland. officials from the nuclear regulatory commission say all u-s nuclear power plants are built to withstaad earthquakes and tsuanmi's.constellation energy nuclear group operates phe reactors at calverttcliffs. califoonia's coastal towns are cleaning up... after tsunami came crashing's estimated the waves... triggered by japan's earthquake... caused up to 20- million dollarssworth of damage... to boats in the santa c
athletic shop in bethesda. prosecutors say norwood used an unknown weapon to attack and kill her co-worker... 30 year-old jayna murray... after murray confronted norwood about stolen merchandise.norwood initially told investigatorss that two masked men came into the store, tied her up... and sexually assaulted her and murray during a robbery attempt.police say that story wassa hoax. john mccarthy/montgomery county state's attorney: "what was stated in open court is that jayna called the manager with her suspicions after she had closed the store". store". "i'' just completely disgusted by the whole... how things turned out." out." "her family and friends deserve to know the truth... that's all.. the truth." prosecutors say the viccim... blows to the head.her throat was slashed and her pants cut to make it look like she had michael buczyner, fox 45 news late editton. 3 breaking news.../ in baltimore tonight... there have been four shootings shootings including this one in east baltimore.a man was found on north broadway with a gunshot wound in his back.he was breathing but un
at a four year college. but opponents argue that's unfair to students... who are legal u-s citizens. (jacobs) "it is illegal, you know what we are doing right now trumps federal law and it shouldn't. we don't trump federal law but that's what we're doing." (pinsky) "we're not going to have thoosands of people say school to scame the state, ity it's the kids who are motivated who want to pursue ed" pducation."a final vote on that bill is expected monday. saving the chesapeake bay may be as easy as changing your fertilizer.state lawmakers are looking at a couple bills that would place restrictions on when you can fertilize your lawn... and what chemicals yoo use to do it.melinda roeeer explains how it could affect homeowners anddlandscapers. lannscapers. (nats of spreader) experts say... it's just about time to start sprrading.but you don't wann to over it. 07:02 "homeowners do it a couple times a year so they don't have a lot of practice." too much fertilizer can mean waster. that runs off and the bay.01:06-00:5 "niirogen main pollution problems in the chesabeake bay ... suburban l
. a major earthquake strikes japan... killing hundreds.. and triigering tsunami pacific and u-s. we have just learned that tsunami waves are hitting hawaii... being evacuated.some counties in washington state and oregon are also being evacuated.'s a look at what started it all... the 8-point-9 magnitude qqake sent people fleeing into streets... and fell into waters unnerneaah.up to three-hundred bodies have been found in japan.. and hundreds of others areestill missing.the entire west coast of the u-s is under a tsunami warning. will they or won't they?that's the question when it comes to the looming n-f-l lockout.. after a week extension..the deadline is today.the n-f-l players union and team owners are at crossroads when it comes to money.if no progress is made, look for the owners to lock out the players. we are now just one day away from our be-more healthy expo. all day tomorrow ... you can come out to the convention center downtown to take a step towards a new more active lifes. lifestyle. candace dold is live in our studio with a preview. ad lib. 33 coming up..
i'm the u-s and french militaries fired missiles into's an internatiinal mission folbaum reports ... allied troops are in the medeterranian to stopplibyan leader from attacking his peopl. peeple. -------------------------------- p------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- --------the u-s -- taking part in an international military operation to prooect people in libba. the pentagon says more than a hundred cruise missiles weee filed from both the u-s submarines.... attacking thee libyyn air defense systems. statement during his visit to brazil. obama: "the us is acting ... ... libyan people." eerlier france launched a militaay operation against qadaffi forces. fighttr jets attacking the libyan forces in the opposition stronghold of benghazi. it's theefirst international military mission to support the uprising against muammar qaddafi. this comes right after the u-s, europe and the arab world announced immediate military actionn against qaddafi forces. nicolas sarkozy: our airforce will oppose any aggression by colon
of questions circling about how the u-s is and will be involved in libya. but tonight, those questioos should be presiient obama speaks ouu now publically on america's involement... an international coalition, including the u-s began firing missles and ffying air missions over libya... to enforce a united nations no- fly zone.but the mission has not been without criticism from republicans, who say the presideet has not done enough to prevent the u-s from enterinn a long drawn out the white house seeks to answer those who say ddfined.senator john mccain had thii to say about his expectations for the pressdent's remarks... on one hand, it's humanitarian. on the other hand, they say gadhafi must go. the president, i hope, will clarify that nato announced on sunday that it will take over the entire enforcement of the united nations no-fly zone, to the protection of civvlians believed to be threatened by loyalist troops. meantime, many of those civilians are giving thanks for the coalition airstrikes... that hhve helped give those rebels... seeking to unseat moammar gadh
. after years in court... the us supreme court recently ruled in the churches favor... protecting their first amendment rights.but some state and local officials, still believe picketing these funerals is wrong and they're trying to restrict it in the future... without violating the first amendment. (shoemaker) "i would prefer that they would be in the next &pcounty someplace but 500 feet may be right, could be a thousa" thousand."today's hearing will be heard at one o'clock this afternoon, before the senate judicial proceedings committee. as this bill gets examined further... others like it are also in the works... congressman dutth rupperrberger is also proposing the 'safe haven for heroes prohibits protests at military funerals five hours efore.. or after the event and would also keep protesters more then 25- hundred feet away from the gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 first on fox... prosecutors have dropped dozens of sex abuse charges against a ormer church deacon...and his alleged victim.. wants to know why. whh. curtis maurice allen, who was a deacon at bethel templ
baltimore neighborhood say, sadly, they're getting used to this violence. 3 i just heerd the gunnhoos and first thinggi did was try and find out where my nephew was but butt the young kids now they don't haveeno respect for nobody for no elders police responded to tto more shootings ffiday on east hoffman street, where two men were shot. another... on orem avenue, where two 18 year old men were shot.and it doesn't end there, early saturday morning... a 21-year-old wws shot and killed on mcmechen street.two gunfire. llst night the violence only continueed.. with two more on pimlico road... where aaman was shot in the head and chest. this one.moments later, two people weee found shot on reisterstown road and coldsprrng. the list of shootings is far larger thhn the six we've highlighted this morning.those were the most serious out this violent weekend.police are 11:30 this morning to update us on the investigations... and maybe give us more details oo the victims conditions and names.stay with us for more. megan gilliland, foo45 morning news. 3 dead after shooting himself in th
. recently... her family received a phone call from the u-s embassy... saying her body had been found. hugging nats natsa muchhhappier story for one oregon familyy.. after being reunited with their daughter... who survived japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami.katherine heasley has been in japan for more than two years... teaching english to students.whhn the quake hit... heasley grabbed essential items and fled. "i basically, i felt the earthquake. i grew up in alaska. i know what big earthquakes are like and this was the biggest one i've ever felt. and, so, i had to evacuate and i would say, maybe a half hour after the quake, the wave came in." in."heasley thanks the generosity of many japanese didn't know... for hhlping her get back onto u-s soil.japan's earthquake aad tsunami have claimed more than 88-hundred livessanother 13-thousand anne arundel county police seize more than 50 dogs from a took several hours to remove all tte dogs from this house... there were poodles, yorkshire terriis... ann poodle yorkie mixes.some of them, neeborn puppies.the owner, charles
a baatimore city policee officer strip searched him on a public street and then used &pa taser on him twice....while he was in handcuffs ....has agreed to settle a civil suit dollars... the fficer since 2001 and has been force - suspended with pay since lass year pendinn the outcome of an internna investigation..... the mayor comes down to training.. (39:45)im saaisfied at the pace of training and wwll pncourage them to make sure we keep up the ttaiiing so these types of things don't happen.... the mayor also says there is software in place to track to offend citizens..... 3 breaking news... near the baltimore city - county line policeeare on the scene of a stg stabbingit happened a little after 9 this evening...along walker avenue... off of york roada 25 year old man was stabbed in the neck...he was word on his conditionearly - happened during robbery suspect. still looking for a synthetic.../ marijuana.../ kkown as ...k-2.../ is... now illegal.../ in... the u-s../// áábutáá... experts say.../ a... new ban .../ might ... be.... a.../ pipe-dream. phe ban
to " us." a.../ preliminary hearing.../ is... set 3 for.... april 18. police...// are... looking.../ for... a man .../ suspected.../ of... breaking into.../ 2---homes.. /// ááandáá.../ sexually assaulting.../ a... woman shortly.../ before ... 3...// this.../ morning../// ááaáá... woman... on.../ center-gate.../ court.../ in.../ pasadena.../ páappareetlyáá.../ aaoke.../ to... a pan.../ standing her.../ bedroom..../// áásheáá... yelled../// ááheáá... ran away....// áálessáá... than.../ an... hour.../ later.. /// ááaáá... wommn... on.../// 204--th.../// street.... awoke.../ to... a man .../ touching.../ her...///. áápoliceáá.../ are... looking...// for.../ the man .../// ááwhoáá...// they say.../ is... targeting .../ unlocked homes. a delivery driverris attacked by four men in baltimore county. police call it a terrible beating and it was all caught on camera. camera. keith daniels i
... went off without problems.but some say it's obvious... their coworkers could use a lesson in work ethics... and priorities.dimitri kostaras 48:15-30 "honessly, it doesn't really surprise me one bit. i meant the roads in the city are pretty terrible actually... they deserve it." ray crockett49:13-24 "it's 3 kind of sad to be honest with's kiid of sad." while taxpayers are frustrated.some city officials tolerattd.27:55 "i'm glad it's - being investigated... is if we didn't catch it." when police busted the party, they confiscated mroe than 6- thousand dollars in what they believe was gambling money... along with dice and some champagne.ii all allegedll took place in the brrak room, but it's unclear if supervisors knew what had been going on. or that it was a regular from city hall... melinda roeder... fox 45 news at ten. you can help us hold public employees accountable by joining our wasse watch.if you our hotline att410-662-1456 or go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on waste watch. 3 the house of delegates to wrap up the session in ion & about two week
, they may not dangers that people here in the u-s are worried about too. phe radiation is leaking from two nuclear reactors along thh pacific coast, that were heavvly daaaged by the earthquake. then yesterday, another explosion shook the region, damaging a containment poolland exposing part or all of the nuclear fuel rods iim still very concerned about what might happen to these are designed to not fail, but - so many things that were not supposed happen have hhppened or things that were supposed to happen have noo happened. elevated radiation levels were detected 25 miles south of ttkyo.and now, there's fear in the u-s about radiation poisoning here.many people are buying anti-radiation company has already sold out......another medication doesn't require a prescription.but, health officials on the west coast say... the distanne between japan anddthe united states will disperse almost all of the radiaaion before it even getsshere.washington state ii nearly 5 thousand miles froo japan.we are nearly 7-thousand miles away here n baltimore. as fears over radiation poisoning gr
want. want.let us know what's on your mind-- and youresponse could air in our "facebook feedback" segment. segmenttjust go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore to become a fan and join the conversation. 3 33 fiber map 3 police the murder of a 19 year old n girl in waverly. for the violence to really end ... police say neighbors need to stop átalkingá about action ... and ssart áttkingá it. joel d. mith isslive that. good morning joel d. good mornnng patrice, we are almost a full week from when this murder happened, but instead of it getting easier to live with, the opposite is happening here. (ad lib) neighbors took to the streets last night with a message for the killer. walking n a largeegroup to show unity, and a call for change thee were thinking of 19-year old tanise ervin....was shot dead investigators believe she was an innocent bystaader who was visiting the corner store....when bullets started and killed.... police believe she was caught in the crossfire. the killer was probably targeting someone else. but that doesn't 807 ts sad r
more... to use some of maryland's roads, tunnels and bridges. bridges.the maryland transportation authority says it would happen over a three year period.with the first round of hikes... at nearly 30- percent... begining possibly this year. (woman) "why should we, i mean we're spending enough money on gas.. why should we pay more on tolls.."(man) "i mean i think that users ought to be paying fees for what they get. so, it doesn't reelly offend m" me."authority officials say they need bout 70-million dollars annually to maintain aging roads and pay the rising costs of debt service.but at this point, raising tolls is just an idee to raise ttose funds.before anything happens...the authority saas there will be public hearings possibly in june and july. another suggestion to raise money is to mmke tolls all would ease traffic and allow the agency to aise rates more often.but officials say doing that can be very expensive and it's not &plikely to happen.megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 the state senate moves closer the alcohol sales tax. tax.the bill would phase in
health. health.lead us not into temptation.why one new study says.. going to church.. could be what's making you overweight. overweight.musical natt nats shrek: the musical.. invades ba. baltimoree31:!4-come on in inwe take you backstage. monday, march 28th 3 3 map fiber map an overnight double shooting in northeast balitmore leaves one person dea. dead. it happened late last night on elmley avenue. two 17 year olds were shot.. as they sat in a was hit in the back.. and later died from his injuries.the other... shot in the arm and is in serious ... but stable pondtion this word yet on suspects or motives. an elderly man is hit by an amtrak train and killed. killed. it happpned early saturday morning, around one a-m... on the tracks at east preston street ann broadway... near penn station. the victim is northeast regional train 177 was traveling from boston to washington d.c. when it hit him. theee were more than 100 passengers on the train at the time. no one else was hhrt. the train was delayed almost 2 hours. president barack obama
.../ kathleen cairns.../ joins us.../ with more.. -kathleen ad lib- there's also been flooding in west 3 baltimore tonight: (roll vo)) the heavy rains has caused accidents.. like this one on forest park drive.. the driver tells police he hydroplaned. parts of this same road.. are underwaaer... around the gynns falls overpass in dickeyville.. there is a supersized flood. motorists have had to manuvermaneuver around the high waters. "its like a flood..everywhere and the water.. i had to walk two blocks to catch the bus i couldnt cross the street, cars are going by splashing so i have to stand away from the bus stop. just crazy water everywhere, i've never seen anything like this before." 3 the rain is making for a slow commute. commute. this is a live look at 695 west of york road. ((adlib)) if you're heading out.. be careful. the weather has been causing problems on the roads all day. a viewer sent us this picturr of a car off the road on 295. the car is mong tree branches.. with it's hood up. when it comes to news.. see it.. shoot it.. send it. y
in the kind of money we can use for health care and community services." opponents sayy..// over... 3--years...// ááthatáá...// amounts a.../ 33-percent.../ increase. we...//. asked...// áádoáá.../ you raising... the alcohol tax.../ is.../ a... good idea? áá 55-%áá say say anna.../ writes.../ "about time.../ they... tax something .../ other than.../ gas! áátonyáá.../ writes.../ impose.../ a... stupid../ idiot... greedy politician.../ tax../ we'll also.../ in... annapolis...//// áálawmakersáá.../ are... debating.../ several.../ immigration bills. banning.../ law pnforcement.../ from ...quessioning.../ p victims.../ of... robberies...// or.../ domestic violence.../ about... their immigratioo.../ status....//// ááofficialsáá.../ say.../ many illegals.../ are... reluctant o .../ contact pplice...// for.../ fear../ of.../ ddportation. (jaisingh) "this woman who picked up the phone to call the police and ended up in deportation proceedings and she he
u-s missiles...pound the coast of libya. who the strikes are targeting in the war-torn country. -------------------------------- --------- good evening, i'm jennifer gilbert.a cease-fire in libya? the libyan military is calling for that, in its fight witt opposstton forces.ttat's the reaction... the day after raids from a coalition of air power. and as barbara hall reports tonight...u-s planes have joined the international effort to get libyan leader moammar gadhafi in line with a united nations mandated no-fly zone. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 these dramatic images from eastern libya show the sheer power of coalition airstrikes. rebels seeking to overthrow the regime of moammar ggdhafi say the targee was a government convoy that was moving on tteii stronghold of benghazi.the united states, britain, france and others began operation odyssey dawn on saturday...saying gadhafi was not honoring a u-n mandated no-fly zone over libyan skies.the pentagon says coalition forces are enforcing the orrer and now rule the air. one eyewitnnes says that whhle the missile and bomb att
in the kind of money we &pcan use for health care aad community services." opponents say over 3 years... that amounts to a 33 percent increase. the houss expected begin budget talks later this of the main topics that has been discussed... restoring money back into maryland' s education system.the house committee has approved a plan to raise certain vehicles fees to generate some of the money needed. 3&the entire board of howard county's domestic violence &pcenter steps down. down.this ... after allegations from an audit citing executive director annie burton byrd.she headed a baltimore program which employed workers... but officials say she put 5 of those employees to work for her own business.. costing tax payers 30 thousand dollars. questions are surrounding the residency of a baltimore city council member, belinda conaway. online blog says she actually lives in randallstownnconaway insists her main residence is on liberty heights avenue... in "my husband and i own property in the counny i certainly live here. i welcome the media to come early in the mornin
....folks therr are just not that concerned......many say....they are just use to it.. it....(2:29)there's nothing you can do about it...its gonna flood...its gonna flood....and you just deal with it.... maryland's emergency management agency released &pthis adviiory earlier today and says if you must drive....exercise caution and patiince as state highway crews handle emergencies... so.../ just... how.../ much rain.../ will... we get -- --and who will get hit hardest . ... let's go straight to meteorologist vytas reid. reid. 3 last year's snowmaggeddon could still cost the city of baltimorr ... a contractor says city hall cheated them out of millions. millions. the company says it was responsible for snow removal on most of the city's main roads. they say the city agreed to pay delmarva 350-dollars an hour per piece of equipment.the job turred into more than 21- thousand hours --- totalling about 7-million dollars. but tonight, the city says it did not pay the bill because dellaava failed to submit proper verification, including receipts. (ralph) "w
officials are involved in a desperate attempt tt cool damaged nuclear reactorss--- using everything from fire trucks to &pwater cannons to avoid a potential catastrrphe. catastrophe.samantha hayes reports.../ on... what the u--.../ is... doing .../ to... help.../ bring about.../ a... positive ootcome. outcome. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows -- from the air and from the ground. it's an all out water assault on japan's fukushima daiichi nnclear power plant in an effort to keep one of he six reactors and an adjacent fuel pool from overheating."if we can just buy some time and ptabilize the situation, i think that's probably what people are shooting for in the near time."radiation levels at the plant remain high. residents have evacuated but plant workers are at risk. "it's not thaa they're on a suicide mission and will die immediately, but in the remainder of their life, they've increased the likelihood of canner by a lot." the pentagon announced thursday, the u-s is sending a and biological hazards to ear situation and make recommendations.president obama reite
of survivors are facing nuclear exposure and ffel until years later. dangers that people here in the u-s are worried about too. the radiation is eeking from pacific coast, that were g the heavily damaged by the earthquake. then yesterday, region, damaging a containment of the nuclear fuel rods all inside. kan says "we urge people within 20-30 kilometers range to stay indoors, such as their houses or in their offices, considering what could happen now."elevated radiation levels were detected 25 milee south in the u-s about radiation ear - poisoning here.many people are buying anti-raaiation compaay has already sold out......another pays it's abbut to.the medication doesn't require prescription.but, heelth officials on the west coast japan and the united states will disperse almost all of the radiation before it even gets here.washington state is nearly 5 thousand miles from japan.we are nearly 7-thousand miles away here in baltimore. as fears over radiation poisoning grow... so does the reaching 36-hundred... with at least 7-thousand still missing. megan gilliland, fox45
inside his harford county home. sources tell us... the alleged victimmis 17 years old.she's not a relltive but moved into rowland's edgewood home last summer.police commissioner questioos about the investigationn.. listen to what he has to say... about another one of his officers being arrested. 15:46:32"we stand behhnd our officers and we will hold our membbrr accountable but again this is outside baltimore city, we're relying on 3 information that's provided to us we'll be guidee by the outcome of what happens in harford county." 15:46:55 15:46:55 rowland is facing chargess sexual offense as well as second degree aasault... and also sexual abuse on a minor, that's a felony charge there.a police spokesman says rowland is expected to be suspended without pay once hat charge is reviewed. rowalnd is due back in court this morning, for a bail review.his preliminary hearing is set for mid april.megann gilliland, fox45 morning news. a 2- alarr fire breaks out ovvrnight in northeast baltimor. happened at a rowhome on lawnview avenue and edison highway aroun
... the us supreme court recently ruled in the churches favor... protecttng theer first amendment some state and local officials, still believe picketing these funerals is wrong and they're trying to restrict it in the future... without violating the first amendment. (shoemakkr) "i would prefer that they wouud be in the next county someplace but 500 feet may be right, could be a thousa" thousand."today's hearing will be heard at one o'clock this afternoon, before the senate judicial proceedings committee. as this bill gets examined further... others like it are also in the works... congressman dutch puppersberger is also proposing the 'safe haven for heroes prohibits five hours before.. or after the event and would also keep protesters more then 25- funeral facility. megan he - gilliland, fox45 morning news. that brings us to our question of the day:should there be restrictions on protests at funerals?we'll be taking your calls in our 7 o'clock hour. you can also go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you think... or sound off through facebook. send us a tweet..
.about want.let us know what's on your mind-- and your response pould air in our "facebook feedback" segment. segment.just go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore to become a fan and join the conversation. 3 3 map-fiber-map 3 governor o'malley declares a state f emergency because of the torrential rains.the national guard was called to activv service.roads were closed...and some areas evacuated. 3& and the effect of all that rain is far reaching. joel d. smith is live in mt. washiigton where many businesses were evacuated yesterday. good morning joel d. how does it look now? good morning joel d. good morning and as bad as this is, it was even worse yest. yesterday. look here as the the jones falls 3 yesterday's seeminglyyendless rain... caused problems for residents all across the region.but nothing beats what happened o one ohio family's h. home.take a look... the sparks family watched... as their home was swept away by a nearby river.owner john sparks says he spent the last 27 years of his life in that home. he's now planning to rebuild. but áthisá time... farther from t
in this east bbltimore they're getting used to this violence. 3 i just heard the gunshots and first thing i id was try and butt the youug kids now they bu- doo't have no respect for nobody for no elders police rrsponded to two more shootings friday on east hoffman street,,where two men were shot. another... on orem venue,,where tww 18 year doesn't end there, early saturday mornnng... a 21-year-old police have now pdentified as angelo fitzgerald was shot and killed on mcmechen street.two others were also hurt in that guufire. last night the violence only continued... wwth a triple shooting in nooth west paltimore.this was the scene on pimlico road... where a man was shot in the head and chest. moments later, two people were found shot on reisterstown road and coldssring.and shortly after that another person was shot on loyola northwaa.police are telling us that those three shootings are &pall related. police are expected to give a briefing at 11:30 this morning with updates on this violence. 3 p four year old is dead after shooting hhiself in the face with a gun he found at home. fam
. neiihbors who live in this east baltimore neighborhood say, sadly, they're getting used to this violence. 3 i just heard the gunshots ann first thing i did was try and butt the young kids now they don't have no respect for nobody for no elders police responded to two more shootings friday on past hoffman street, where two men were shot. another... on ooem venue, whhre two 18 year old men were shot..nd it doesn't end there, early saturday morning... a 21-year-old wassshot and killed on mcmmchen street.two others were alss hurt in that gunfire. last night the violence nly continues... with three more shootings... in north west baltimore that police now say are all reeated.this was the a man wws shot in the head and - chest.moments later, two peeple were found shot on reisterstown road and coldspring..nd shortly after that another person was shot on loyola northway. thh list of shootings is far larger than the six we've highlighted this morning.those were the most serious out this violent weekend.police are 11:30 ttis morning to update t us on the investigations... and maybe give u
"//the excuses people use for taking the handicapped spac. spaces. images of a crime. crime.10:06:35 unforntaley it turned into a tragic event :38 how surveillance pictures could hhlp police solve a murde. murder. after the storms move out... cold temperatures will move low they will go in my skywatch forecast. forecast. and lighters that look like toys. why you might not be seeing them in maryland much longer. hello i'm jeff barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert. another baltimore city police officer charged with a crime... crime... karen parks .../ sayss.../// ááthisáá... time.../ the... officcr.../ is... accused of .../ sexually abusing.../ a.../ minor..../// karen? karen? 44 year old detecttve kevin rowland has been a baltimore city police officer for 10 yearss.... he is accused of abusing a minor inside his home in harford coun. county..... sources tell us.. the alleged victim is 17 years old.....she is not a elative but moved into rowland's edgewood home last summer.... right now he faces several sexual abuse charges..... however, a police spokesman sa
the debate over discipline. discipline.jacquline says: "father used a belt, my mom used a switch somettmes" crosses the line. line.(holding sign)"thank god for dead soldiers, soldiers,fighting back against offensive a maryland congressman wants to change the law. law. more heavy rain headed our way.when it will arrive and tte areas that could see floodinn... in my skywatch fore. forecast.and a rude awaking for this baby. what came crashing through his bedroom wa. wall. hello i'm jennifer gilbert. and i'm jeff barnd. there's.../ a... massive plan.../ to... limit protests.../ at.../ military.../ funerals..../// ááthisáá...// after.../ the... supreme.../ court.../ ááupheldáá...// first.../ amendment ...rights.../// of... the westboro.../ baptist.../ church.../// as kathleen cairns reports, congressman dutch ruppersberger is convinced his proposal is constitutional. 3 in linthicum today: (graham henry)"it's cruel and inhumane.. (sot continues..) graham henry is breaks my heart... every time i see it it breaks
coming into the u-s how much more it will cost to get into the country. -------------------------------- ----- emily wx open -------------------------------- ------------- and hot dogs could be healthier than you think .... why the american food could be better for you than grilled chi. chicken... 3 3 33 3 3 3 good eveningi'm karen parks jeff abell is off tonight13 baltimore city employees are facing criminal charges ... for allegedly drinking and gambling... on the clock.they are all employees of the city depprtment of transportation. melinda rooder is live tonight froo theefacility where theyy work... and where police say, the illegal activity had been taking placeefor some time.meli? mmlinda? someone called in a tip... to authorities... thattemployees were using the break room here at this building behind me... to gamble on games like craps....and drink alcohol. and they allegedly did this every two weeks... on paydays. now, it's unclear if they'll ever earn a city paycheck again. again. :44 "they were rinking and &pgambling during working hours" 13
hopeful they can avoid a meltdown.the military is using water &pcannons and helicopters... to douse the reactors... which would keep them from overheating. the 32nd anniversary of the 3 mile island accident is later this month...a nuclear event that was also a "5" on the samm international nuclear years later the people living neer the plant in ennsylvania are at odds over wheeher their town is really safe. japanese automaker nissan... says it's chhcking its vehicles... for any signs of to reassure the public about the japanese-manufactured cars. the company says it's not worried about radioactivity in aay of its cars. the f-d-a and tobacco industry face off over menthol ciiarettes. 3 the tobacco industry reports menthol cigarettes are no more risky than egular shouldn't be regulated andd an f-d-a ban on the minty the - f-d--'s advisory panel acknowledges the two are equally hazardous... but members point to a few other key issues to consider ... specifically marketing. they say there's evidence consumers believe menthol cigarettes offer a use is highest among &pminorities
of dead soldiers soldiersbut at the nd of the day, call us a cult, call us anythinn. wait til you hear the name their calling the president of the united states statesa soggy much more rain we'll et... ...and when the skiee will in my skywatch fort forecast hello, i'm jennifer gilbert police make an arrest in a deadly attempted break-ii at a southwest baltimore warehouse.. myranda stephens has more on why some residents say the crime isn't a surprise. 00:45 i happen to see the cops rolling by 48sonia rodriguee was sitting on her porch yesterday... when police showed up at the waaehouse behind her home. 1:42 shocking seriously cause it's right there 45 police say around 3 o'clock saturday... a man was trying to break into a box trrck at the warehouse off hollins ferry road... when two workers tried to stop him. but investigators say the suspect - 55-year-old ellerson carter... took off in his own truck... nd ran over the two men, killing one aad dragging distancc. 1:59 yeah, that's terrible 00 how can you have the heart to do something like that 04the worker
meteorologist.../ vytas reid... reid... 3 follow...// the... storm...// using...// our...powerful...// doppler...// radar...// áái--radaráá.../ is... now available.../ at.../ foxbaltimore dot com...////. flooding.../// caused.../ problems.../ downtown....//// ááthisáá...// the... scene.../ in.../ the... charles street.../ parking.../ garage.../ at... penn.../ station...//. ááheavyáá.../ rains.../ backed-up .../ sewer... lines.../// áásendingáá...// water... rushing...// into... the.../ garage...// ááandáá.../ eventually...// spilled-out.../ on... the.../ north-bound.../ lanes...// of... the.../ j-f-x...// áácausingáá...// gridlock...// traffic.../ ááandáá.../ shutting... ddwn.../ onn lane .../ of... the.../ j-f-x...///// for... as the rain fell today...the only thing people could do is watch the water rise.... rise.... kathleen cairns went to west show us what people were driving through......and what they didn't know they were driving o. over. (nat splash one direction)(white truck splash) noah
...a life.../ these days?" president obama announces the u.s military's new role in stopping libyan leaaer muammar al-qaddafi.. wendell goler explains the reasons for the ultimatum. ultimatum. : in a statement to reporters, pres. obama said us forces won'ttland in libya and sources tell fox news us phe no fly zzne. mr. in obama said the operation requires american leadership but not that we act alone. obama says: "this is precisely how the international community should ork, as more nations bear both the responsibility and the cost of enforcing international law." that should mean a smaller us share of costs that could range from a few million to more than $100 million a his advisors were deeply divided over the prospect of us military action, but all along mr. obama had resisted getting out front. hh said he didn't want the us to become the issue in another arab conflict. there were quiet grumbles from some of the 18 members of congress he briefed, but... his statement to reporters, later, was aimed at winning over skeptical americans. obama says: "here's why th
contractor.alan gross... a contractor for the u-s government... has been jailed in cuba for the past 16 months. cuban officials accuse him of espionage.president carter spent hours talking to raul and fidel castro... about improving ties between the two nations... and the importance of releasing gross. 3 first on fox...state school superintendent nancy grasmick is stepping down... after two decades on the job. 72 years old... her decisson still comes as a surprise to her staff and to the state board.some wondered if the sudden departure was politically motivated... since grasmick and governor omalley butted heads as he began his first term in 2007.that's when he and house speaker mike miller urged her to step down. p (34:23)this was my decision and the timing was my decision thaa may not have been true had it been four years ago but there a lot of water over the dam in terms of those four and a half years.... years.... grasmick leaves behind a track record as a champion for many of the progressive education reforms. surprise... the process of finding a new state superintendant i
that one of those victimss. is dead. it happened around 9 o-clock last night... inside "u-s fried chicken" along pennsylvania avenue. a 29 year old mmn was shot in the neck.. and was prononuced dead at shock trauma.the other person, shot in the leg is expected to word on a suspect at this time. a 23-year-old is now charged with trying to kill his mmther. police say gordon jenkins until she was unconsciousness and then set her clothes and bedrooo on fire. she ran out of the home and called for help. this happennd wednesday at he home where they both live on baltimore street... just outside of the city on the east side of town. hamel is in the hospital in critical but stable condition. the mannaccused in a string of violent attacks in guilford... ps sentenccd to 20 years in pri. prison. john couplin pleaded guilty to separate attacks back in january of llst year. prosecutors say he forced a college student into the trunk of his car... and used his bank card to withhraw money along york road. then six days later .... he robbed three women at gunpoint. &pwe now know what caused
? >> chris: greg palkot reporting from japan. greg, thanks for that. joining us now is joe sorinsioni who is an expert on nuclear issues. japanese officials are now talking about fighting two partial meltdowns in nuclear reactors. briefly, what is going on and potentially how dangerous? >> this is an unprecedented crisis, it's extremely serious. one reactor has had half the core exposed already. this is the one they're flooding with sea water in a desperate effort to prevent it from a complete meltdown. they lost control of a second reactor next to it, a partial meltdown and there is actually a third reactor at a related site 20-kilometers away they have also lost control over. they have multiple reactor crisis at the same time. we have never had a situation like this before. >> chris: what does it mean if you have a meltdown of the nuclear core? >> the worst case scenario is that the fuel rods fused together, the temperatures get so hot that they melt together in a radioactive molten moose that bursts through the containment mechmisms and is exposed to the outside. it spews radioactivity
.they're trying to decide whether patients with terminal or chronic illness... should be allowed to use pot ... to relieve their pain. several patients who've used medical marijuana in the past ... testified before lawmakers monday. a similar bill passed the state senate last year ... but didn't survive a house committee vote. as maryland considers legalizing medical marijuana ... synthetic versions of the drug become illegal nationwide. starting today.. five of the chemicals found in synthetic drug is sold in drug ned.the - paraahernalia shops and online p. and is commonly known as spice or k-2.a ban on the drug was proposed after increasing reports of bad reactions to the chemicals .. including seizures, hallucinations and dependency. the family of missing teen phylicia barnes tries to keep her caseefrom going cold.. with a prayer vigil. friends.. and the guardian angels gathered at the reisterstown apartmeet complex where she was last seen.. before she vanished without a trace 2 months ago. the police department has pedicatee an entire squaa of seven investigators to
portion of the u-s. the president will decide if that oil gets released.the last time the reserve wws tapped was back n 2005 when hurricane katrina stopped oil production in the gulf. dekaser says: "unrest in the middle east is a temporary situation which could be ameliorated by a sudden release from the spr then i think we would get some oil price relief. so the spr - most of the refineries won't take it because they are not designed to process that kind of ccuue." 3 the debate resumes today on whether same sex marriage should be legal in the state of maryland. maryland.however, a vote á is notá expected today.the house judiciary committee voted 12 to 10 to send the measure to the full house.the bill would repeal a law defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman.opponants offered amenddents, trying to kill the bill, but none worked. the senate is expected the resume debate on another controversial issue today... in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. the bill would allow any student to pay pn-state tuition if they graduate from a maryland high school... gradu
-c elementary school students... siccened after using crack cocaine... are now back in class.the students fellow classmate brouggt it in to authorities are trying to figure out how the 10 ear-old got a hold of it in the first place. prosecutors say the boy found the cocaine... in the back seat of his stepfather's car on the wwy to school.but a search of the car turned up nothing.the family is now battling for custody of the child. are your children as safe as they should be in your car?there are new guidelines for child ssfety seats ... but for parents it may mean sacrificing convenience. joel d. smitt is live in north baltimore to explain. good morning joel d. good morning patrice, (ad lib) the national highway traffic safety administration is now aavising parents to keep kids in rear faaing positions as long as possible... basically as long as they'll fit in these seats properly. for a simpler way of thinking abbut it, they are recommending keepinn kids in rear faciig seats until they are two. why? t's all about head protection. most accidents occur
he reading ext messages while driving... as well as tweets.. emails.. and delegate used the story of a pasadena teenager... whodied in a crash while texting... as a tragic example... of the dangers of distracted driving (kipke) "her parents shared with us she had been encouragiig the ddughter to stop the behavior, stop the bad behavior, but the young lady said úthe only thing that's going to stop me because it's such a habit is if it's a law that says i can't do it. it.the bill... which bans the reading of teets while driving... now goes to the senate for consideration. the state senate expected to begin debate on "maryland dream act" today.the meaaure allows in-state tuition for children of illegal immigrants, but only if they graduate from a community college. the same sex marriage bill is expected to be delayed...yet again today. today.the chairman of the house judiciary committee says he'll likely delay it. lawmakers say they have a list of other bills to get tooand probably won't have time to vote on it. house leaders are having trouble finding suuport on the
they're used to it. (2:29)there's nothing you can do aaout it...its gonna flood...its gonna flood....and you just deal with it.... maryland's emergency management agency released an advisory yesterday... saying if you must drive... please exercise caution and patience for state highway crews handling emergencies. you might want to givee yourself ome extra time getting to work this morning... as that heavy rain continues to fall across the state.many counties are still uuder severe weather warnings....advisoriessor watches.all of this... just in time for the morning commute. candace dold is live in caaton with a look at how things are shaping up out there now. ad libb -mema--emergency prrparedness -periods of mooerate to heavy rain wwll move into the region ahead of a cold front late tonight through thursday. by the time the front clears the area thursday evening, two the three inches of rain will be possible. 3 you can track the storm down to your neighborhood. i-radar is available at foxbaltimore dot com. use the inneractive tools to track coming storms down to your street. go
a woman, walking down the sidewalk, was forced into a vehicle.... and as myranda stephens phows us tonight, police have a better description of the man behind the wheel. wheel. 28:00 it's not the best of a neighborhood 02 aishia bowlding is always cautious when walkinn around her east baltimore neighborhood.... and now she has one more reason why. 30:48 i feel for her and her family because now she has to you know that's something traumatic 53 police say around 7:30 last night... a 19-year-old woman was walking in the 900-block of north milttn avenue... when a man in an s-u-v asked her if she needed a ride. but when she told him no... the man grabbed the woman and forced her into his vehicle. myranda 3742 police once inside, the suspect then asked the victim if she wanted to have sex, but she refused 49 a short time later... the victim was able to escape... several blocks avenue. 16:41 after she got out of the veeicle the suspect briefly followed her in the vehicle 46 butt butt butt 1649 she was able to run from the scene and that's when she called police 53police are now looking for the
igh school, but never made it. 3 she's a good child and i'm just asking if anybody seen worried et us know because i'm - 3 3 we wanna let her know thaa we love her and no matter what's going on in her life we are here for her the family gottan anonymous call from a man saying he saw andrea in a house on mount holly street. a facebook page under her name.- name. anyone with inffrmation on andrea gardner is asked to call police right awwy. a.../ 7-year-old.../ dundalk...// girl...// is.../ attacked.../ by... 2 dogs.../ ááwhileáá.../ riding bike.r.../ bike. it.../ happened...// aturday.../ near.../ her... home.../ on... villager.../ circle...////. ááamandaáá./../ mitchell.../. was.../ bitten.../ all over... her.../ body..../// áásomeáá...// of... her hair.../ chewed.../ off....//// áánnighborsáá...// did... what they could...// to.../ get... the dogs.../ off.../ 3er...//..- "and then we just heard screaming and then we lookkd down and saw the dogs draaging her into the street." street." 3 3
in the beating death of her aunt. but as crime and justice reporter joy lepola tells us... the woman won't spend one day in prison. joo. 35 year (d-lane-ah) d'lanaa simmons is heading to a state psychiatric hospital instead of prison. it comes just after simmons entered a guilty plea to first degree murder just a couple of hours ago. based on mental evaluations provvded to the courts... a judge found simmons not criminally responible which is equivalent to an insanity plea. simmons killed her aunt in septemmer of last year because she believed her aunt was a devil. pthe murder weapon was "the club" the device used to lock steering wheell. 3 3 when i heard the court say my grandmother was struck 56 pimes that really did do something. i didn't realize she had been struck that many times. i did know the weapon that was used the club to the car i thought was brutal in itself but i didn't know she was struck 56 times. and what's your worst fear at this point? my worst fear is that the defendant d'lana simmons will be let out one day and she'll do this again to someone else jjdge gale rai
the victim... no names, no gender or age... all they're telling us at this hour... is that... paramedics and fire orts of fighters... one person has dded as a result of thhs fire. fire.take a look at this video &pfrom the scene... amidst alll the smoke lingering innthe night ky... you can ee fire crews surrounding the home here t the intersection of springdale avenue and el dorado avenue.ffames broke out aroond 11:30 last night.when firefighters arrived,,all but one of the residents had made it out of the home.crews rushed inside the burning home... and that's whhn they found thh victim... lying unconscious on the second floor.outside, neighbors watched as a fire fighters pulled out a stretcher. we're all concerned. we dont know him but hes our neighbor this is a great neighorbhood and we're concerned about eachotter in this neighborhoodd &pneighborhood.again, we have learned that the victim, found still no word on what caused this fire.investigators will likely return to the home later today.megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. a teenage boy from baltimore county is dead this morning
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